Info for Groups

Tradition 7

It’s important to continue to support the service structure during this time, even though meetings don’t have the usual expenses such as rent. See Your Seventh Tradition Contributions leaflet to find out how AA money is used to carry out our primary purpose.

Some groups have their own bank account and tradition 7 arrangements. But for those who don’t, members can make their contributions directly to intergroup.

You may also wish to save up your cash contributions at home until we can meet again in person, or ask a trusted fellow to make an electronic payment on your behalf.


Account Name: NEAIG
Bank: Barclays Bank UK plc
Sort code: 20-62-53
Account Number: 50677043

Payee: North East Anglian Intergroup
PO Box 3733

With all of these methods, please include a reference indicating which meeting or funding stream you wish to support, for example, “Thursday KL 7:30pm” or “NEAIG” or “Gratitude Week”. And if you would like a receipt for your cheque, please be sure to include either an SAE or an address.


You can find various leaflets in the Literature Downloads folder via this link:

Alcoholics Anonymous – Great Britain. Shop online for AA books:

And you can view and download an order form here:


WhatsApp Chat Groups

We have a number of chat groups set up to support members and to coordinate our service activities. Please get in touch if you would like to be added to any of these.

  • Announcements Only
  • Fellowship Chat
  • Hosts and Secretaries

Individual groups also have chat groups that you can join – please talk to your secretary or GSR. And if there isn’t one already – perhaps you might like to set one up?